Sárberki Fishing lake



10 lakeside bungalows provide excellent accommodation for family weekends or friendly gatherings. There 6 separate bungalows and 12 separated apartments waiting for our guests. Our apartments are equipped with: Air Conditioner TV set, kitchen, (utensils, dinner- set, microwave oven, fridge) toilet, bathroom with shower (towels are not provided), terrace, landing stage, barbecue, parking place, electric heating 2000 HUF/day. Cat and dog are allowed for fee, 1000 HUF/ day. Small trolley for transporting equipment can be rented, which costs 300 HUF / day / piece.

It is necessary to pay 50% deposit when booking an apartment (in case of groups of 15 or more the deposit is 80%) You can pay by a red postal check to the address of Rezidencia 96 Ltd. (8960 Lenti, Sárberki tó 1.) by cash or with a banker s transfer to the CIB BANK RT: EURO: CIB BANK ZRT BUDAPEST, MEDVE U 4-14. HU77-1070-0110-2467-8605-5000-0005, SWIFT CODE: CIBHHUHB

Extra charge for one night +10%.

Loyalty deal! 15% off from accomodation fee for all returing customers!


  • HUF22000/night/ 4 person
    • over 4 person 3500 HUF/ night/person
    • Max. 8 person


  • HUF20000/night/4 person
    • over 4 person 3500 HUF/ night/person
    • Max. 5 person


  • HUF10000/night/2 person
    • Max. 2 person

Pre-season (Jan.01-April 30) and post-seson (October 1- December 31.)  pay for 2 nights and get the third for free !

In high season (May 1 to September 30), the seventh is night gift!



The 6-hectare surface lakes in beautifully trimmed environment offer visitors and anglers services of high standard. There is natural inflow in the lakes. In the REKORD LAKE are fish placed over only 5 kg.  In the lakes are continuously minimum 35 tons fish. Are present in large numbers from 10 to 15 kg carp and grass carp, and from 5 to 9 kg pike. Largest catfish caught in 2014 was 33 kg. SIZE ANDQUANTITATIVE LIMITATIONS: Zander: 30 centimetre, Pike: 40 centimetre, Carp: 30 centimetre, Amur: 40 centimetre. Other size and quantitative limitations are according to the national angling order

Adult tickets


Adult day ticket: 2.000 HUF

Adult weekly ticket: 10.000 HUF

Adult ticket for a year: 35.000 HUF

Adult ticket for the I. half-year: 19.000 HUF

Adult ticket for the II. half-year: 22.000 HUF

‘Lake Rekord’ tickets

Rekord day ticket: 3.600 HUF

Rekord 24 hour ticket: 5.400 HUF

Rekord weekly ticket: 18.000 HUF

Rekord ticket for a year : 63.000 HUF

Rekord ticket for the I. half-year : 30.000 HUF

Rekord ticket for the II. half-year : 40.000 HUF

Children tickets


Children’s day ticket: 1.000 HUF

Children’s weekly ticket: 6.000 HUF

Children’s ticket for a year 17.500 HUF

Children’s ticket for the I. half-year: 9.500 HUF

Children’s ticket for the II. half-year: 11.000 HUF


Fish prices


Zander: 2.000 HUF/kg

Catfish: 1.200 HUF/kg

Pike: 2.000 HUF/kg

Carp, Amur below 5 kg/piece: 900 HUF/kg

Bream, crucian: 500 HUF/kg

OTHER FISHES ARE FORBIDDEN TO TAKE! When measuring, the price of fishes should be rounded off one hundred gramms!

ANGLING PERIODS: 1st April – 31st May: 6 am – 9 pm,  1st Jun – 31st Augustus: 5 am – 10 pm,  1st September – 30th September: 6 am – 9 pm,  1st October – 31st March: 7 am – 6 pm. Apart from the above-mentioned periods night fishing is 20 pm-06 am, but for extra day ticket only.



For campers 16 sites were formed with channel , water and electricity supply option . The lake has camp sites for 60 people. For campers are separated bathroom, dressing room and toilet facilities and fire pits available.Because of its location, he Sárberki fishing lake provides a good opportunity for guests who want to use the campsites . The lake is from the border of Slovenia and Croatia only 32 km away.

  • Campers

  • HUF1200/day
  • Electricity use: 1200 HUF/day

    Passenger Fee: 350 HUF/ day

  • Caravan

  • HUF800/day
  • Electricity use: 1200 HUF/day

    Passenger Fee: 350 HUF/ day

  • Car

  • Ft800/nap
  • Electricity use: 1200 HUF/day

    Passenger Fee: 350 HUF/ day

  • Tent

  • Ft800/nap
  • Electricity use: 1200 HUF/day

    Passenger Fee: 350 HUF/ day